H&D Consulting - Making life easier and highly accessible for disabled and specially challenged folks via opened doors for accessibility!


To make a more accessible world for all!

Reach us for a one-stop solution to opening doors of complete accessibility for every disabled individual!

About Us




The main mission of H&D Consulting is to "open the doors of accessibility and make the world even more accessible for the disabled". After realizing the inaccessible concern a disabled person has to face, Drew Cumpson decided to introduce the idea of H&D Consulting.


The Man behind the Support Idea


Drew Cumpson is the amazing man behind this fantastic idea of helping the specially challenged or disabled folks. Undergoing a major spinal cord injury in the year 2011, he decided to begin a consultancy voyage for those who feel helpless, after undergoing any disability issues in their life. 

Even though leading a ventilator dependent life on a life support system, he lives the life to the fullest and supports each of his travel plans with the accessibility system support.


Concept & Idea of Building H&D Consulting


H&D consulting offers a one-stop accessibility solution for the disabled in terms of flying, hotels, restaurants, etc. and helps them live the life to the fullest without compromising even a bit of it. 

The main support idea revolves around helping the people with disabilities, so that they can live their life to the fullest, without compromising on the locomotion concerns. 

Right from travelling assistance to hospitality consulting and AODA Consulting, we cover all.

We wish to create a much accessible world for all, along with a disability specialization in the field of hospitality and tourism


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