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“Being disabled doesn’t make you a loser” is the strongest belief of Drew. After spending almost 51 months in the hospital and a few years striving to stand against the world, he has been an ultimate fighter and survived to reach his dreams. In order to help the others, troubled with the same situation, he has worked hard for an ultimate output to make the world even more accessible to them. 

There are a number of locomotion consulting services, being offered by him and his crew.

H&D Consulting

Drew Cumpson’s Disability Consulting Services

Right from offering highly enriched services, advice, friendly talks to an advanced level mentorship program, public motivational speaking and guidance, Drew has worked his ways to reach every disabled individual. The main motive of his consulting services is to keep the motivation and desire to live life to fullest as alive as possible. 

Mentioned below are the listed disabilities consulting services being offered by him:

Life and Disability 

  • People with disability give up on living; similar was the case with Drew, soon after his accident. Holding hands of faith, he survived his way through leading a wonderful life. Extending a helping hand to such people is his life and disability consulting service that offers an amazing guidance on the rich list of available options for the disabled, the government programs, support assistance and several other programs to help them. 

Travelling and Disability 

  • Adding the learned experiences from his first trip, he has succeeded in offering travelling solutions to all those disabled and still, wish to explore the world. 

Education and Disability

  • It was after his accident that Drew completed his graduation from the University of Guelph in Bachelor of Commerce program with a specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management. This is the best example of his education assistance for the disabled.

Community Living and Disability

  • Spending 51 months in the hospital and two years at home was the biggest challenge for Drew, and he was even highly nervous to face the communities after such a long time. Standing for himself, he gained the confidence to face the communities. This is how he motivates the rest of folks to stand strongly, despite their disability. 

Peer Support Services and Disability 

  • Peer Support is just one of the free services he offers to reassure the needy that they have a friend in the form of Drew to talk about their problems and even the similar situations.

Disability, Sex and Relationships

  • He has the best ability to suggest the most personal level ideas and ways to keep your relationship alive, even after a disability. Right from sex, relationship issues, emotional intents, he is ready to answer all your queries with complete ease. 

Motivational Speaking and Disability

  • Even though being a disabled individual, his ideas and expressions aren’t the same. He is a powerful human and wishes to empower the other disabled folks with the same intensity.




Join hands with Drew to reinvent your ways to lead a highly motivated and thoughtful living even after a disability!

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