Motivation is the biggest contributor to leading an enthusiastic life!


Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

Communicating the very concept of motivating the folks, especially the ones who think life ends with just a disability is our public speaking platform. Being positive in life can change the complete attitude of living the life and sustaining its regime. Taking life from an impetus point of view has the ultimate power of not just sustaining it but, living it to the fullest. 


Motivational Public Speaking With Drew 

  • Sharing the true story of emerging as a powerful leader, despite his disability, Drew Cumpson has emerged as an amazing public speaker and motivational mentor for all those willing to give up. He has simply inspired and changed the way, the disabled people took life. 
  • He is an entrepreneur, a powerful human being and an equally motivating mentor for all those hardship survivors with his amazing piece of influential and highly charismatic speeches. 
  • Spreading smiles on the face of those suffering from the miseries in life is the public speaking services offered by Drew. 
  • Suitable for conferences, public events, etc.; this is a magical touch to the sufferings of the immobilized folks due to some or the other mis-happenings in their life. 


True Story of the Leader of H&D Consulting 

Drew Cumpson, the proud owner/consultant of H&D Consulting hardly had any hopes left with life. He lived in Kingston Ontario and let a high philanthropist and interesting life with desires to travel around the world. Everything proceeded as per his plan until he fell prey to an accident in Peru in the year 2011. During the high tides, he met with an injury that left him totally paralyzed, below his shoulders as he suffered a severe spinal cord injury. But, it was only his hope and burning desire that kept him motivated to live. This turned to be the biggest lesson of his life and he learnt to focus on the mobility of disabled people. 

Setting a ray of hope for them, he started his hospitality and tourism business for them. As an avid traveller, even his disability couldn’t stop him. With his highly innovative techniques for mobility, he has continued to work towards his dream to visit the 7 wonders of the world. Moving ahead on his voyage, he is also directing his first documentary this year to document the concept of accessible travel as he visits the Coliseum in Rome.