Eat. Sleep. Live. Documentary

When it comes to sharing my story, I wanted to make a video to showcase that you can still live life no matter what abilities you have. This video was created in February 2013 for documentary contest by my cousin Chris Wynn. We did not make the top 10 but the video is a great demonstration of the  adversity and adaptation when it comes to living life with a disability.

University Convocation 2016

I never gave up on my goal of graduating from my program at the University of Guelph. After taking 5 semesters off after my accident, I started school again in January of 2013. My first semester back was difficult as my mom was diagnosed with cancer near the beginning of the semester. I pushed through 10 consecutive semesters and completed the last half of my degree, resulting in my graduation in 2016. 

Living with Quadriplegia

When it comes to living with quadriplegia, there are many expenses that must be taken into consideration. In this video I discuss some of the expenses we incurred after my injury. 

Mouth Painting

Growing up I was always a very artistic person and took art all the way through high school. After my accident I thought I would learn how to paint with my mouth which is not very easy but it is a good way to continue my creativity. This is also the video I used when I ran for Dir. of Communications for my University Student Association.

The Abrams – Champion

I grew up in rural Eastern Ontario surrounded by the country and country music and have a major love for the genre and local talent. I have known John Abrams since 2009 and was thrilled to be featured in the music video for their song "Champion". “The idea to have storylines about community ‘champions’ was largely inspired by our friend, Drew Cumpson, who in his early 20s suffered a spinal chord injury that left him quadriplegic,” said John Abrams